Who can contribute to Basic Snitch?

Basic Snitch is an open platform – community members and collaborators should feel welcome to read, participate, and propose collaborations regardless of gender, sex, ethnicity, age (with consent from a legal guardian, or 18+), religion, sociopolitical background, and/or economic standing.

What kind of content does Basic Snitch publish? And not publish?

Sociopolitical critique, gender studies, literature or film reviews, lifestyle, culture, the environment, creative writing and columns with a strong opinion. Basic Snitch reserves the right to engage in selective publishing as a privately run blog. The following collaboration pitches will be rejected: promotion or endorsement of products or political people with no constructive or creative commentary; incitement of self-harm, or violence towards humans, animals, the environment; racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, ageist, intolerant, or otherwise morally reprehensible or distasteful content. *If the pitch is creative, comedic or educational writing, then these guidelines can be revisited where appropriate. *All images are Free Stock Images or taken by the author themselves.

Who and what does Basic Snitch support?

Feminism, the Abortions-rights movement, #MeToo, intersectionality, LGBTQI+ individuals and their rights, Drag, equality, equal pay, equal rights, equal opportunities, Human Rights, PETA, environmental efforts (CO2 reduction, carbon footprint monitoring, minimal and zero waste, vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, shopstops), freedom of press and information, and freedom of expression.